Emeralds for the gratest moments

Emerald Museum

The History Emerald Museum is a project developed by the Diaz Alfaro Bros, owners of the company Joyeria Caribe, this museum is an honor to the contribution made by the ancient cultures such as goldsmith techniques, highlighting the heritage values of the myths and legends about emeralds and gold.


Presents an important collection of beryls, and also shows the magical world of the Colombian Emerald mines and priceless items because of their technique and symbolism.

  • Beryls’ Chamber

    Complete exhibition of the Emeralds' Family, Beryls

  • Mines' Chamber

    Emeralds are the only gemstone which is necesary to find just at the place of origin. Thounsand feet long tunnels in the mountains.

  • El Dorado Chamber

    The legendary rite of El Dorado represented and explained with a lot of precolumbian pieces and emeralds from the ancient golden cultures.

  • Million Carats Chamber

    A million carats chamber with the main atraction of the museum, Petra.